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Anemometers, Wind vanes and measurement towers

Alromar Group gives special attention to the supplying of anemometers, wind vanes and measurement towers from a variety of manufactures, so we can supply you with equipment from leading manufacturers in the market.

What is an anemometer?

An anemometer is a device for measuring wind speed. They are used in measurement towers, installed in all wind power installations and it’s also used in nautical, aeronautical, etc.

Types of anemometers:

The cup anemometer is best known and widespread; it consists of three hemispherical cups mounted at equal angles to each other on a vertical shaft, generating a signal. Currently it’s often used for wind resource assessment studies.

For more reliability registering data, pulse anemometers are preferred. However high frequency pulse anemometers are better. The analogue instruments, besides being more expensive, the signal is more exposed to degeneration and interference during transmission.

Sonic anemometers measure wind speed based on the time of flight of sonic pulses between pairs of transducers. They have a high consumption and therefore require network connection. They are pretty expensive and not recognized by MEASNET.

What is a wind vane?

Another must for any wind measurement campaign is the wind vane; it’s an instrument for showing the direction of the winds. It’s also used in nautical, aeronautical, etc.

Types of wind vanes:

There are digital wind vanes or Potentiometer wind vanes (incorporates a precision wire-wound potentiometer as a shaft angle transducer), enabling wind direction sensed by the wind vane to be accurately determined when connected to suitable measuring equipment, such as a data logger or PLC.

The majority of wind vanes are equipped with electronically regulated heating.

Potentiometer wind vanes are the most commonly used in wind measurement towers, because of its simplicity and having very low energy consumption.

What anemometer to choose?

It depends on what you are going to use it for; it’s not the same Testing of Power Curve of Wind Turbines than registering data from a prospective tower.

The important thing is that they are always calibrated, and within the range that exists in the market have in mind the following:

  • By visual inspection, we can see features that indicate whether the instrument is or not properly designed for the measurement of the wind that we want to perform.
  • The general features of a "good design" anemometer it’s shown in Figure 1, while the other of a less careful design in Figure 2.

anemometros Enlarge image

The most important preventive measure is the regular inspection of the mast and the reasonableness of the measured data.

Selecting components for measuring wind towers

Alromar Group sells major brands of anemometers and wind vanes for your wind measurement towers including:


Through NRG anemometers you can make accurate wind measurements:

  • NRG #40C
  • NRG Systems Clase 1 (Para IEC-61400-12-1)
  • NRG #40H

Purchase with Alromar NRG Energy wind vanes and get the best wind measurement towers:

  • NRG #200P


Through Thies anemometer you can get measurement towers with the best components::

  • Thies First Class, Advanced (4.3351.00.000, 4.3351.10.000)
  • Thies Compact (4.3518.00.000, 4.3520.00.000, 4.3520.10.000)
  • Thies Mini (4.3515.30.000, 4.3400.30.000)

Thanks to Thies wind vanes you can complete the wind measurement tower:

  • Thies First Class Potenciométrica o Digital (4.3150.10.000, 4.3150.00.000, 4.3150.10.012, 4.3150.00.012)
  • Thies Compact Digital (4.3128.00.000, 4.3128.10.000)
  • Thies Mini (4.3140.51.010, 4.3124.30.018, 4.3127.40.000)


Choose your Vector anemometer:

  • Vector A100LK/PRO
  • Vector A100R/K/PRO
  • Vector A100L2
  • Vector A100LM
  • Vector A100LK
  • Vector A100R

Vector wind vanes for your wind measurement tower:

  • Vector W200P Potenciométrica
  • Vector W200P/L Bajo Torque Potenciométrica


Get your Vaisala anemometer with Alromar Energia, wind energy specialists.

  • Vaisala WAA151
  • Vaisala WAA252
  • Vaisala WM30

We’ve got Vaisala’s wind vanes at the best prices:

  • Vaisala WAV151
  • Vaisala WAV252
  • Vaisala WMS301


Get a great Young anemometer to place on your wind measurement tower.

  • RM Young 27106T Vertical Propeller
  • Model 12102

We also have all models of Young wind vanes:

  • Model 12005

Furthermore, this brand also has an innovative instrument called Anemo-Veleta meeting the characteristics of both elements. Discover the advantages of this type of item for your wind measurement towers:

  • Model 05103
  • Anemo-Veleta Young Modelo 05106 Marino
  • Anemo-Veleta Young Model 05305
  • Anemo-Veleta Young 09101
  • Anemo-Veleta Young 05103-45 Calefactado
  • Anemo-Veleta Young 05501


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