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Self-consumption energy

Alromar Group wants to give exceptional importance to energy self-consumption so we have created this section, solely dedicated to making both private homes as PYMEs to perform minimum energy self-consumption and help us save on costs.

The purpose of this technique is to use renewable sources, reduce our energy dependence, not only outside, but also from our own domestic market (electricity, taxes, tolls, etc.). The result: protect the environment and reduce our costs within a short-medium term, generating our own energy.

What is self-consumption?

Self-consumption is, the ability to generate for ourselves some or all of the energy (measured in kWh) consumed in our homes or businesses.

Self-consumption energy is directly linked to energy efficiency, they are synergistic. If we're used to squander doesn’t make any sense , asking for greater energy savings, it will be profitable, but it’s not what we want to instill from Alromar Energia.

Self-consumption may be done through the use of clean energy (solar, wind, wood, geothermal, etc.), or traditional energy (oil, coal, etc.). We will talk only about self-consumption based on renewable energies.

Five steps to self-comsuption?

  • 1 step.-Knowing how much electrical energy you consume. How? Energy Meters. There are several manufacturers of Energy Meters, we sell the OWL wireless, you also have “Current Cost”, “Efergy”, etc.
  • 2 step.- Analyse how much do you consume so you can send us the data, at least one week to, If you have bought the equipment from us the cost of the study will be 10 €, if not 30 €.
  • 3 step. - Choose which energy sources we are going to use. Based on our experience we recommend the use of solar panels for photovoltaic energy. Mini wind is still expensive. Geothermal air conditioning is also an option along with biomass..
  • 4 step. -Calculate our facility and make a business plan. Based on our consumption, cost of kWh and technology to generate energy we want to consume we size up our facility. Here we tune up all we want, but because we want to make it simple, we recommend calculating your self-consumption to cover it, avoiding the need to store energy.
  • 5 step. - Install, because is what is left. BEWARE should always make it someone qualified or experienced to avoid shocks.

What is net balance?

Today it’s normal to hear the words net balance, which means that we compensate the kWh. we generate in our homes with the kWh we consume from the grid, thus only pay for those kWh that we actually consume.

Alromar Group doesn’t think that soon will be legislation on the matter or at least conveniently legislate for individuals and businesses. But the important thing is that you do not need it. Self-consumption has now become a reality!.

ALROMAR ENERGIA offers energy saving services.

We adapt to your needs, from energy meter, to the calculation and dimensioning of the installation, supply of equipment a very competitive price, installation advice, and in case you need it installation. Everything is done by our staff and with maximum guarantees of getting self-consumption energy so we will save a good amount on our bill.

Self-consumption Kits:

  • Basic Kit 240W - 480W
  • Kits for isolated houses
  • Self-consumption Kits for PYMES
  • Pump for Kits


  • Microinvertes from 240W
  • Inverters for grid connection
  • Charger Inverters
  • Self-consumption Inverters

Solar panels:

  • From 10W to 300W
  • Supply of portable estructure


  • Monoblock bateries
  • Gel bateries
  • AGM Deep Cycle bateries
  • OPzS stationary bateries
  • OPZV stationary bateries

Small wind turbines

Charge Controllers and Maximizers

Lighting in CC


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