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Energy efficiency

Alromar energía, makes all kinds of studies related to saving and energy efficiency , including the supply and installation of all equipment, ensuring that optimal results are obtained.

The objective of the energy efficiency engineering division is to save costs and adapt to new technologies, looking for: the maximum in economic savings; integration with renewable energy and respect for the environment.

Services energy efficiency in buildings

  • Invoice Optimisation
    • Free study choosing the best marketing.
    • Adjusting the power term.
    • Analysis of energy consumption in buildings.
  • Lighting
    • Free studies on energy savings for change on Efficient lighting
    • Supply and installation of LED lamps, Electronic Ballast and Magnetic Induction.
    • Agreements for financing investments connected with energy savings.
  • Improved quality devices of the network.
    • Free study for the implementation of energy saving devices in buildings through improved network quality.
    • DEMO facility for effective verification of savings.
    • Required financing.
  • Program S.E.E.R. (Saving Energy Efficiency and Renewable)
    • Program based on the study of reducing consumption and its integration with renewable energy sources.
    • Certified emission reduction of CO2 emissions.

Also in Alromar we have other services that help and seek the collaboration with the environment, hence Alromar bets on clean and renewable energy sources: wind energy, solar energy and own consumption.

eficiencia energetica

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