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wind power
inexhaustible energy High efficiency solar panels for businesses
and low cost

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Wind Power

Alromar Group, has taken part and keeps taking part in the development of wind farms over all Spain and France. On those installations carries out the implementation of meteorological towers and tower plants.

Alromar Group, supervises data processing and maintains wind tower and farm promotions all over Spain. Supplies of Wind Resource Assessment and Power Performance Measurement Systems at competitive prices.

Alromar Group, provides comprehensive leadership to small development companies helping them to cto analyse preliminary sites, drafting of basic projects, micrositing (the process through which the specific location of wind turbines is determined) and delivers the necessary documentation for such installations.

Alromar Group is also specialist in other energy fields as energia solar or self-consumption and energy efficiency, that allows a top quality clean and not polluted energy.

Wind Energy Services

  • Supply and installation of wind assessment services.
    • Lattice angle towers up to 120m.
    • Lattice tubular towers up to 100m.
    • Lattice tubular solid rod towers up to 130m.
    • Lattice tubular solid rod towers up to 85 m.
  • Predictive and Preventive service and data processing.
    • Download and measurement data processing.
    • Calculation of roses or frequency and energy.
    • Machine selection study.
    • Wasp.
  • Supply and installation of wind energy equipment(SHOP ON-LINE).
    • Supply of sensors and data loggers (Thies, Vector, Vaisala, NRG, Campbell).
    • Arms made-to-measure.
    • Modems, antenas and communication equipment.
  • Intervention and maintenance of wind energy.
    • Maintenance, preventive and corrective of meteorological towers .
    • Interventions on demand.
    • Download and wind data supervision and processing.
  • Project engineering.
    • Site selection and evaluation, Technical/economic feasibility studies for technologies or specific projects, Production calculation and cost estimates.
    • Technical documentation for permits, licenses, and authorizations, grid connection, guarantee, etc.
    • o Project engineering, procurement, and construction management.

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