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Solar Energy

Alromar energía develops turnkey projects, or it installs the whole equipment (tracker systems, photovoltaic panels, framework, units and low voltage wiring). Alromar develops Solar energy installations that range from 5kW to 20MW.

In the development of our activities we have experience in:

  • Fix Installation: working with prestigious structures in the solar energy sector as HILTI, MUPRO, SIKLA among others.

  • Solar tracker installation: DEGER, SALIX, GIRENER, ESAUNE, ADES, PEVAFERSA among others.
  • Solar roofs installations: Fix installation with the brands mentioned above.

Alromar Group, counts with more than 20MW promoted and more that 12 MW developed in the R.D. 661, it holds a profound background into the energetic sector, this allows Alromar to adapt constantly to new regulations.

Alromar Group, has promoted more than 3MW already preassigned in the R.D. 1578. Having performed to date more than 1 MW in solar roof installations.

Solar Energy Services

  • Project engineering
    • Analysing and choosing preliminary sites, completion of the Wind resource study and placement of wind turbines.
    • Technical documentation for permits, licenses, basic preliminary study, environmental impact study, grid connection, etc.
    • Ingeniering to detail.
  • Turnkey
    • Develops turnkey projects from 5kW.
    • Great experience in all types of roof projects.
    • Installation of solar panels services and all necessary equipment (framework assemblage, units and low voltage wiring).
    • Monitoring and safety.
    • Ingeniering to detail.
  • Maintenance
    • Maintenance of solar power plants both photovoltaic and solar roofs.
    • Great experience with tracker systems(Deger, Esaune, Girener, Salix).
    • Production supervising and invoicing
    • Thermography and installation optimization.
  • Own consumption and off grid systems
    • Solar panels supply, converters, batteries etc.
    • Sizing facilities.

Alromar follows a guarantee structure on all its solar installations based on:

  • Completion of work warranty
    Alromar solar guarantees handing over the installation, ready for grid connection within the stipulated price and period of time signed on the contract.
  • Supplies warranty
    Alromar solar guarantees turnkey installations contracts, for TWO years from the Definitive reception of the plant.
  • Solar panels warranty
    Alromar solar guarantees for 25 years that the supplied solar panels will generate at least 80% of the power rating. This warranty is extended by the technical details of each manufacturer.
  • Guaranteed Performance Ratio
    Alromar solar guarantees during the years of solar farms operation the maximum availability ensuring the fulfillment of performance Ratio. For this reason is performed the contract for the installation and maintenance of solar installations.
  • Guaranteed response
    Alromar solar guarantees the response time to any incident and the maximum involvement with our projects for best results, high availability, and maximum production.

Thermal Energy and solar panels

Solar thermal energy is the utilization of solar heat using thermal collectors or thermal solar panels.

The types of facilities vary depending on what we want to use it for. Thus, we can use flat solar collectors (CPC) for typical domestic hot water, vacuum tube collectors in particularly cold areas or for heating and air conditioning, polypropylene collectors without cover to increase the bathing season outdoor swimming pools, etc.

In recent years there has been a significant increase in solar thermal power facilities due, in part, to increased social and political sensitivity to environmental issues and, second, continuous improvement and cost reduction of solar thermal systems.

Alromar Group, distributes and installs all types of equipment for the supply of hot water, making the analysis and design of each facility according to their consumption.

Alromar make things easy

  • Equipment supplies (SHOP ON-LINE)
    • Thermosyphon.
    • Forced Circulation.
    • Swimming pool heating.
  • Engineering and installation
    • Calculation and dimensioning according to CTE.
    • Calculation of energy demand .
    • Turnkey installation of hot water.
  • Commisioning and maintenance
    • Maintenance of facilities and solar panels.
    • Technical Service.
    • Commisioning.

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